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Top \ County Antrim
A little bit about my work & me!

I love being a Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer …. I love meeting up with the girls as they’re beautifying themselves, or checking out the boys as they’re desperately trying to figure out where on earth to pin the buttonholes!

I love all the laughter, the tears, the tiny details, embarrassing speeches and fun filled dance-floors…. but most of all I love capturing beautiful portraits, candid fun, romantic inte... [More]
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Top \ County Armagh
My passion is to capture the spirit and emotion that is unique to each and every shoot. Photography, for me, is about capturing precious moments. This is what I do best. I am a wedding photographer based in Portadown, Co Armagh, but I am happy to pack a bag!
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Top \ Belfast
Fall in love with our little wedding photography price from just 425 pounds.

Good photographs don’t need to break the bank. Our package offers quality photographs at a reasonable price. Our team of photographers have experience of over 400 weddings between them. They are all easy going, contemporary and professional.

‘We woke up one day and thought it would be nice to give people on a tighter budget, a great high end wedding photography service without leaving a... [More]
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Top \ Belfast
We pride ourselves on our great service, quality, affordable photography packages. It’s so important to get a photographer who’s right for you. Once your day is over, you’ll be left with some wonderful memories... and your photos. You want them to be a beautiful reminder; a collection you’ll be proud to show off to your family and friends and at Bright Sparks Photography that is our aim with all of our Bride & Grooms and with over 10 years experience in the Wedding In... [More]
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Top \ County Londonderry
Life is precious. We have 28,000 days to live and to love.

Moments spill from a life lived. The time I fell off the bike with my brother and needed stitches. The love and loss of a mother. The first kiss in a game of spin the bottle. The disappointment at failed exams. The achievement of passing them and going on to a marketing degree at University in Edinburgh. The year studying and making friends in Sweden. Buying my first house in Belfast. Moving to London and working in the sky (2... [More]
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